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The American Academy of Pediatrics’s Committee on Injury and Poison Prevention recently published an article noting that the use of personal watercraft (PWC) has increased dramatically during the past decade as have the speed and mobility of the watercraft.  A similar dramatic increase in PWC-related injury and death has occurred simultaneously.  No one younger than 16 years should operate a PWC.  The operators and all passengers must wear US Coast Guard-approved personal floatation devices.  Other safety recommendations are suggested for parents and pediatricians.  For more information, click here.

The Coast Guard is urging parents to ensure their children get educated about boating safety before operating or riding a personal watercraft. Adults who rent, lend, or borrow personal watercraft must know and follow Federal and State boating laws, and heed the Coast Guard’s “You’re in Command” message to be responsible for the safety of all those who operate or ride.  For more information, click here.