The Coast Guard is urging parents to ensure their children get educated about boating safety before operating or riding a personal watercraft. Adults who rent, lend, or borrow personal watercraft must know and follow Federal and State boating laws, and heed the Coast Guard’s “You’re in Command” message to be responsible for the safety of all those who operate or ride.

Our goal is to prevent children from suffering injuries arising from the operation of personal watercraft by serving as a vehicle for legislative change, a source of targeted education in our schools, and an advocate for personal watercraft design change.  We are aim to ease the suffering of those whose lives are impacted by the types of traumatic  injuries typically associated with personal watercraft accidents through providing  financial support for relevant medical research, enabling and expanding the scope  and quality of services in trauma centers and pediatric intensive care units, and assisting families in coping with the many difficulties encountered when their child sustains similar injuries.

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  • Published: 8 years ago on December 9, 2014
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